10 Video Creating and Editing Tool a Web Development Company Uses

Video on a website of course looks good but have you ever thought from where all these videos come and are they real and make real sense. Most of the videos on the web are a mix of being real and fake thanks to various technologies used by a web development company which helps it create and edit videos.

Both paid and unpaid versions of video creating and editing tools are available. Unpaid versions help web developers save lot of money while using all the features to accomplish their video related tasks. Many video editing tools are used by different web development companies but it is difficult to say which one is the best as almost all have extra ordinary features however it is possible to list 10 best video editing software products as below:

1. Roxio Creator: With numerous media features like Disc Label Creating, burning, copying, Video Capture, DVD Creation, Playback, Organizing, Photo Editing, Music Rip and many more it is a fully loaded digital media guide.

2. Microsoft Movie Maker: This is the cheapest and easiest to use for any web development company as it comes preinstalled on all windows computers. It also ensures that videos created using Microsoft movie maker do not have any compatibility issues as 90% of world computers use windows. With the drag and drop feature even a novice can use it efficiently.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro: A complete video editing and creating solution from Adobe is Premiere Pro and includes capabilities to allow video creating, sharing and editing. It is a flexible editing solution because it is also compatible with Macs and PCs.

4. Pinnacle Studio: It is one of the best available in the market and supports HD editing as well as Blu-ray burner. Pinnacle Studio can be used for creating and editing real HD movies as well as for theme editing.

5. Sony Vegas: A web development company uses it for high density video and audio editing. It can make an edited video look as good as the one bought from a nearby DVD store. Other features of the product include support for professional Blu-Ray Disc authoring program, multi-media capabilities and drag-and-drop interface.

6. Power Director: One of the most powerful software for video editing used by a web development company is power director. A distinct feature of power director is that it allows import of various file formats and sharing of videos on Blu-ray Discs, Flickr and YouTube.

7. Corel VideoStudio: Using this you will be playing more than working while you edit and create videos and yes it also helps a web developer save lot of time.

8. Nero: It is popularly used on Windows PC and offers admirable editing options. It has an effective drop and drag feature that allows easy transitions. Nero also allows creation of special effects and inclusion of text in video.

9. AVS Video Editor: An excellent video editing tool which does not require you to have special skills at video creating and editing is AVS Video Editor.

10. Magix Movie Edit: The biggest benefit of using Magix Movie Edit is that it enables multi-cam editing for two live video channels at the same time. Also it is compatible with all Sony cell phones, PSPs and iPods.

Author andrew clarke