Are Energy Saving Light Bulbs A Good Investment?

Energy saving light bulbs are getting more common, and the types and styles available are increasing all the time. It is now possible to buy an energy efficient version of almost all standard bulbs, but are they do they offer any benefits over the standard, more traditional bulbs.
The Advantages
The main benefits of the new efficient bulbs is that they help reduce the amount of electricity you use. There special design can use almost half as less electricity as a standard bulb. By cutting down on using electric, you help reduce your bill, and play a part in reducing the country’s electricity usage – helping prevent global warming, and climate change. Another advantage is that the new designs last almost double the length of time of traditional bulbs – lasting longer, means you have to replace your bulbs less often.
The Disadvantages
The disadvantage of the new light source is that it costs much more to purchase in the first place. After a while, the increased cost should be recovered by the lower running cost, so that should resolve that issue. Another problem is the new bulbs are larger and bulkier then the traditional ones, meaning they do not look as elegant in the light fittings – often over hanging lamp shades. This is also being improved – and new designers are making the bulbs smaller all the time. This means almost all the disadvantages are either resolved, or soon will be. The only disadvantage that has yet to be resolved is that the new bulbs are not as bright as the traditional bulbs. Eventually, this too will be resolved, making the energy saving bulb a great replacement choice.
As it has been shown, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and as more styles are choices are made available, the production of the standard lights will be phased out. Making energy saving light bulbs the right choice – and the only choice.

Author Bob Hardy